This is quite honestly the most important part. Presentation is EVERYTHING. The better your items look, the more we’ll accept, meaning the more money you will make!

What We Are Accepting Currently: 

We are currently accepting all sizes and all seasons of clothing for drop-off. Especially Holiday/Seasonal items currently including: Saint Patricks, Easter, 4th of July, Swim, &, Summer.

We ARE also accepting large items for drop-off. Examples include: bassinets, swings, slides, strollers, walkers, and more! (If an item is too large to fit into a storage bin, we consider it a “large item.”)


COME EARLY if you want to guarantee that we will have space for your items. 


Our standard is to accept All-Seasons-at-all-Times. But before you take that to the bank, check ‘What we’re Accepting Currently’ at the top of this page just in case.


Sizes Accepted: Children’s preemie - 12 youth & all size maternity & nursing


Sizes Accepted: Newborn - 5 Youth

While you’re preparing to drop off, keep these things in mind:

We accept UNLIMITED amounts of Toys, Shoes, Baby Equipment, Outdoor play toys, and Smaller Miscellaneous items

We accept LIMITED amounts of children & maternity clothes: 30 pieces of clothes per day, per consignor until we reach our clothing drop off limit for that day (we suggest coming earlier in the day to get in clothing). Lay sets together (same-size/same-brand) and we count that as one piece; IE. a two piece set of pajamas = one piece

1. Prepare Your Items:

CLOTHING: Freshly washed, laid completely flat, buttons/zippers/snaps done up, sets laid together, 30 pieces counted out (sets count as 1 piece), and placed in something hard (Ex: a box, laundry basket, plastic bin. No bags please.

SHOES: Cleaned, laces tied, set in pairs

Baby Equipment/Toys/Books/Miscellaneous Items/Furniture: All fabric freshly washed, hard surfaces wiped clean, batteries working, all parts and pieces collected. We only sell items with working batteries. If your item does not have working batteries we will put in new batteries and charge your consignor account at the rate of $1.00 per battery.

2. Drop Off:

Come in any day from open until 3pm (2 hours before closing) to drop your items. No appointments necessary. You will sign for your drop off and then feel free to shop while we go through and inspect your items. We will keep what we want to consign for the next processing steps and we will return any other items to you along with the container that you brought your items in.  That’s it! Your job is done! We will take it from here! The bagging, tagging, hanging and selling is our job. 

3. Get Paid: 

Once your items begin selling, you get paid into your account with us immediately. You can use the funds to shop in the store as “In-Store Credit” or you can cash your account out in the form of a check.


Last Updated 5/27/2024